Automatic bin washing plant

One of the most critical issue in the pharmaceutical industry manufacturing process is the risk of contamination and cross contamination.

The cleaning of the equipment used for manufacturing, especially the ones in touch with products, is a key factor for the minimizations of such risks.The FDA standards and guidelines and the Gmp have directed   the Pharma industry to the automation of the cleaning process by means of  cleaning machines.

Senna Inox, which have been manufacturing cleaning machine for twenty years, has recently introduced its third generation of bin washers machines with automatic loading/unloading system that allows  to save significantly man power for the routine bin washing operations. The plant, installed for a pharmaceutical company in Italy, is design to load/unload multiple bins  enabling the possibility to start all operations at the beginning of the shift and leave the equipment operate automatically till the end of the day.

The large washing cabin chamber allows to wash and dry different Bin sizes up to 2.200 litres in less than 40 minutes.

The safety of the plant is guaranteed also by means of microswitches and laser barriers that prevent accidental operations on the stainless steel conveyors.

The software is CFR 21 qualified and is provided with a remote control system that in case of needs permit our technicians to verify the machines status in real time and allows the connection to the factory MES system.


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