Large capacity VPHP Bio-decontamination Pass Box - Volume 10 m³

Senna Inox has successfully built two of the largest VPHP pass boxes ever built for the pharmaceutical industry which have been installed for a global healthcare group in USA and Canada facilities.

The customer requirement was to introduce large batches of bottles, bags, vials etc made of heat sensitive materials from a “D” grade area into the sterile area of the facilities.

The bio-decontamination process of these kind of materials is possible only by means of Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor at ambient temperature.

The challenge for Senna Inox was to guarantee and validate a reliable VHP bio-decontamination process, as fast as possible and for such a large room volume. 

Senna Inox has designed two VPHP units having a chamber size of 10 cubic meters that fully meet those requirements.

The supply includes trolleys composed by carts and racks housing various type of baskets, customised for each kind of material to be loaded . The VPHP chamber can load No. 8 trolleys each cycle.

The software is CFR 21 part 11 qualified and is connected to the factory MES system.

Upon customer request, the machine control system allows a remote connection with a Senna Inox technician for operations such as PLC programming, software updates, preventive maintenance and machine status check in real time.

The machine electrical system meet the U.L. standards and has been approved by TÜV inspector. 


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