New parts washer and Bin washer

The Pharmaceutical industry, following the continuous developement of manufacturing standards and regulations, demands better and automated equipment for the manufacturing process.

An important italian pharmaceutical company decided to renovate and automatize the washing and drying area of equipment used for solid dose production.

Senna Inox had been awarded with the contract for the supply, installation and validation of two new washing machines with different purposes.

The first machine is a flush floor Bin Washer whose main scope is to wash different bin sizes and, by means of dedicated washing baskets, of all format parts of equipment used for the production of tablets, blister and sachets.

Another smaller washer has been installed beside the first one to wash specifically tablets press tooling and other small parts.

A 3D study of more than 10 different washing baskets loads has been executed for the design of the washing process and its efficiency.

Each single item to be washed has been 3D reproduced to allow the positioning into a unique slot on the basketsBoth machines are equipped then with a new automatic coupling system that automatically connect the washing ramps manifolds of the washing baskets to the water/utilities feed supply inside the washing chamber.

The software is CFR 21 qualified and is provided of an “active directory system” connection with customer network.

This allows the import of all exiting users accounts and the complete remote management of the production data.

Senna Inox has successfully completed the installation and the plant is currently in operation.


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