GMP Bin Washer

Automatize your container washing operations


Why should I install an automatic washing system?

Automatic bin and container washing systems will dramatically save the manpower required to clean multiple bins used for daily productions. Moreover, water and detergent consumption will be much lower than with manual washing.

What type of containers can I wash?

With the machine’s adjustable, telescopic rotojet and rotating platform, you can efficiently wash bins and containers of different sizes and shapes.

Moreover, features such as a special support frame and spray nozzle orientation will allow you to wash other tools, such as fluid-bed granulator baskets, pallets, etc.

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Automatic loading-unloading bin washing plant with automatic sliding doors

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Washing cabin with rotating platform

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Bin washer - unloading side

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Bin washer- flush floor design

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3D design of washing cabin

What model should I choose?

Flush floor installation is the typical solution chose by customers who use manual or electrical transpallets to load containers into the machine. This solution comes with a rotating platform to enable washing of all external surfaces and with an optional device for opening and washing the bottom valve of the container. A fully automated washing system is the most advanced solution for the complete automatization of the washing process. It consist of a stainless steel conveyor that stores and feeds several bins into the washer. A photocell system recognizes the type and size of the bin, and gives the signal to open the automatic sliding door. Once the bin has been automatically loaded into the chamber, the relevant washing recipe will begin. At the end of the process, the bin is automatically loaded onto the outgoing buffer conveyor. The system allows the operator to store multiple dirty bins and leave the machine to work unattended all day long.

How is the machine made?

Our machine consists of three main components that can be installed together, as a single unit, or remotely, if space is limited. The main body consists of a watertight stainless steel chamber in which the containers are washed. The second element of the washer is a Clean-in-Place (CIP) skid that contains the water buffer tank, the washing pump, the detergent dosing system, the heat exchanger and all the components required to control each parameter during the wash cycle, such as flow rate, temperature, conductivity, etc. The last element is an air handling unit (AHU) that takes care of the final drying and cooling phase. At the end of each cycle, the machine is always fully drained and dried.

Main technical features

  • Fully-welded AISI 304 frame
  • AISI 316L chamber with an interior mirror polished finish (r.a. < 0.3 microns)
  • Chamber capacity of 2,000-10,000 litres
  • Internal chamber with rounded angles (R = 30, 40 or 60 mm)
  • External satin or mirror polished finish
  • Doors with inflatable gaskets and large window
  • Panel PC solution running on iFIX operating system
  • CFR 21 annex 11 compliance

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