Our products

Our products cater to the exact needs of our customers in terms of bio-decontamination, cleaning and prevention of airborne contamination, in accordance with the GMP and FDA standards.

VPHP Passbox

VPHP Passbox

The most effective and economical way of introducing materials into your sterile production areas.

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Washing Machine

Washing Machines

Cleaning solutions for machine parts and components used in pharmaceutical production areas.

GMP Washer and WFI WashersGMP Bin Washer

Laminar Airflow Equipment

Laminar Airflow Equipment

Protection of your sterile products from airborne contamination.

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Our strength lies in full in-house project management

From ideas to validation

Customized solutions

At Senna Inox, we know that the need of every customer differs in terms of where and how to install equipment. We offer customized solutions, ranging from machine chamber size to the location and dimension of remote machine units.

In-house software

Our software experts work closely with our customers to integrate ever need, such as custom templates, SCADA supervision, alarms and process management. We guarantee CFR 21 Annex 11 software compliance, in accordance with FDA requirements.

Quality finishes

Senna Inox customers know what it means to have a high quality finish. Rounded corners, perfect carpentry geometry, TIG welding procedures and final, in-house mechanical polishing allow us to offer one of the best finishes available on the market.

3D Design with Inventor®

Our equipment is designed in 3D using the Invertor® software suite. This not only enables us to make our projects easier to understand, but also minimizes the risk of mistakes during the assembly phase. The matching of every single piece is verified during the design phase. Our customers can easily integrate our 3D designs with the lay-out of their building.

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